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Coley Murphy Celebrates 25 Years with Markquart!

Coley Murphy, a collision consultant at Markquart Auto Body, is celebrating his 25th anniversary with Markquart. He figured that he would find a career in the automotive industry because he always liked cars and he worked for an auto parts store prior to finding a home at Markquart. Coley says that one of his favorite […]

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Meet Markquart Auto Body’s Collision Consultant Team

At Markquart Auto Body we offer free drive-up estimates to customers from all over the Chippewa Valley. Our experienced team of collision consultants will look over your vehicle and give you an estimate. They will then explain the estimate to you and discuss repair options. Learn a little bit more about our collision consultants here: […]

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Free Drive-up Estimates at Markquart Auto Body

If your vehicle has procured damage recently and you are looking for easy and convenient repair options, Markquart Auto Body is the solution for you. Markquart Auto Body in Eau Claire offers free drive-up estimates to customers from all over the Chippewa Valley and surrounding areas. The free estimates allow you to get a quick […]

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Repair your Hail Damage at Markquart Auto Body

If your car becomes a victim to the hail this storm season, stop into Markquart Auto Body for an estimate on paintless dent repair. Paintless dent repair is a way to take out small dents without ruining the factory finish on your vehicle. This process is much faster, less invasive and less expensive than other […]

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Image of vehicle damaged by deer hit - Markquart Auto Body, Eau Claire WI

Deer Hit? 5 Things to do After a Deer Accident in the Eau Claire Area

It’s that time of year again in Eau Claire, WI. The leaves are changing, the weather is getting colder, and deer populations are higher and more active. At any moment a deer may dart into your path, causing you to hit it. So what do you do? Here are five tips on what to do […]

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Image of Jim Bielecki, Markquart Auto Body

Congrats to Jim Bielecki on 25 Years with Markquart!

Jim isn’t the first in his family to be a Chevrolet employee. His grandfather worked at a Chevy dealership in Thorp, WI. His father was a mechanic at the same dealership where he met Jim’s mom. So, it was pretty natural that Jim would end up working in the automotive industry. However, before he graduated […]

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